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New Cat Sitter? How to Know Your Pet Sitter Loves Cats (And Vice Versa)

2 Jun 2023.

All domesticated cats share one common feature: they like to live life on their own terms. And your kitty will certainly make it known when they don’t like something…or someone! You won’t always be around to cater to your furry friend’s demands, so what happens when you need to go out of town? Hiring a cat sitter will certainly give you the freedom to take time away from your fur friend. But how do you know if your pet sitter loves cats? Or if your cat likes their sitter? Below, Cat in a Flat reveals how you can tell if your pet sitter and your cat are a match made in kitty-sitting heaven. 

All our cat sitters love cats!

First of all, when you hire a pet sitter from Cat in a Flat, it’s guaranteed that they’ll be cat lovers. Our community is made up of people who are passionate about felines. So, the chances that you’ll end up with a pet sitter who doesn’t love cats are exactly zero! 

That’s something that makes Cat in a Flat so special. We go above and beyond what other pet sitting platforms offer. You won’t just end up with a pet sitter who loves cats, but a cat-whispering pet lover too. 

How to know my pet sitter gets along with my cat

After you’ve chosen a cat sitter for your kitty, make sure you set up a free meet and greet before you leave. This will give you the chance to meet the pet sitter in person. You can walk them through what’s expected of them while you’re away and see how they and Mr Whiskers interact. This is one reason why it’s recommended you start searching for a cat sitter as early as possible. While all our pet sitters are cat lovers, each cat has a unique personality and your kitty may not get along with the first sitter they meet. Make sure to shortlist a few options so you have a backup in case your first choice isn’t quite right. 

Here are a few ways to tell if your pet sitter and your cat are getting along: 

  • The cat sitter waits for the cat to approach. Unlike a dog walker, a good sitter will wait for the cat to approach first. Felines like feeling in control of their environments. Hence, a knowledgeable pet sitter understands that Mr Whiskers is more likely to approach if they feel comfortable and in control. 
  • Your pet sitter offers a hand for sniffing. Cats have an incredible sense of smell. In fact, it’s 14 times better than that of a human! Your fur friend’s sensitive nose is one of the reasons why you should avoid strongly scented cat litter, candles, or other potent odours in the home. But, as any cat loving pet sitter knows, letting a feline explore their scent is also important. Especially when meeting for the first time. A good pet sitter will give your kitty the space to smell their hand and get comfortable with the new scent. 
  • They will speak in a calm voice and avoid sudden movements. A good cat sitter will speak softly and gently to your furry friend. This will let Mr Whiskers know that the pet sitter is friendly and not a threat. A pet sitter who understands (and loves) cats will also be careful to not make any sudden movements or loud noises that could frighten your kitty. 
  • A good pet sitter will make eye contact…but not too much. A certain amount of eye contact is important for building great rapport. However, staring directly at a feline is never a good idea, as this can frighten them. A good pet sitter will show love to a cat by slowly blinking at them. This will help calm your fur friend and create a sense of trust. 

How to know my cat loves their pet sitter

So, you’ve watched your pet sitter meet your kitty, and feel confident that they’re a true cat lover who understands felines. But what about Mr Whiskers?

Here are a few ways to tell if your cat loves their pet sitter:

  • Your kitty purrs. If your cat purrs when stroked, this is usually a good sign they love their pet sitter! Even better if your feline head bumps or rubs against their sitter’s legs. 
  • Your cat approaches the pet sitter right away. It’s normal for most kitties to be a little shy around newcomers. So, don’t take it as a bad sign if your fur friend doesn’t approach their new sitter right away. However, if your kitty comes up to the pet sitter as soon as they walk in the door, this means you may have found Mr Whiskers’ perfect match! 
  • Your cat was eating while you were away. It’s rare for a feline to ‘stress eat’ when upset. Usually, the opposite happens, and a cat will stop eating altogether if they’re feeling stressed. If your pet sitter is refilling your kitty’s food dish every day, it’s a good sign your cat loves them and feels comfortable in their presence. If there’s an empty food bowl when you get back and your cat isn’t acting hungry, then you’ve found a cat sitter they love! 
  • Your house is in order when you return. Felines tend to act out in destructive ways when they’re feeling bored or upset. This behaviour can range from behaving aggressively, to breaking items, scratching furniture, or protest peeing outside their litter box. If you come back to a tidy home, this is a good indicator that not only does your cat love your pet sitter, but that your sitter was keeping them happy and active while you were away. 
  • Your cat looks happy in photos. A good pet sitter will be sure to send you daily updates and photos so you know your kitty is doing well in your absence. Your furry friend’s tail is one of the best ways to tell if they’re feeling content. If your pet sitter sends you photos where your kitty’s tail is in the air then this means your feline is feeling relaxed and happy with their sitter. 

It’s always a little nerve-wracking to leave your kitty behind—even if you know they’re well looked after! Not sure what to expect from a cat sitter? These helpful blog posts walk you through the steps to hiring a cat sitter, and what tasks you can expect your cat sitter to do. 

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