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Revealing the Cutest Rituals and Routines of Our Beloved Cats!

26 Apr 2024.

Cats are creatures of habit which is why any change, such as moving house, may be stressful for your kitty. One of the most important rules of being a great cat owner is providing consistency for your feline. This will ensure that your cat feels happy and loved! Does your kitty have some quirky morning, daily, evening, or nightly routines? Below, Cat in Flat reveals a few of our favourite cat rituals and routines. Be sure to share yours with us too!  

What is your cat’s favourite morning routine? 

What is your cat’s favourite morning routine like? Felines are crepuscular, meaning they’re most active at dawn and at dusk. So, it’s pretty likely Mr Whiskers is up early in the mornings, ready to get the day started! Many paw parents say that the first thing their felines do after waking them up in the morning is settle in for some kitty cuddles. It sounds like our fur friends have their priorities in order! 

Most feline parents will feed their cats their first meal of the day in the mornings—usually this is wet food so Mr Whiskers has a nice balanced diet. And, because our fur friends love to be involved in, well, everything, there are countless stories out there of cats following their owners to the bathroom. They’ll wait to welcome you once you step out of the shower and watch closely as you brush your teeth and go about your morning routine. Who knows, maybe your kitty’s morning routine involves getting some grooming done of their own too! 


liam and i work from home together every day. this is our morning routine 🙂 @liam (clingy cat) & julia #catsoftiktok #clingycat #catspa #catroutine #morningroutine

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What’s a typical day like for a cat?

What is a typical day like for a cat? The answer to this depends on your lifestyle and whether you work from home. For someone who works from home, their kitty’s daily routine probably involves following them around, attempting a hostile takeover of their office chair, and the occasional surprise appearance in Zoom meetings. If you work outside the home, your feline will find creative ways to keep themselves entertained while home alone

Here are a few ways to keep your cat entertained when you’re away: 

  • Leave out cat-safe toys for your kitty to play with in your absence.
  • Hide treats around the house for your fur friend to find.
  • Provide comfortable window perches for your kitty to bird (or people) watch. 

However, the one activity Mr Whiskers is guaranteed to do a lot of—whether you’re there or not—is sleep! Cats sleep a lot, between 12-16 hours a day. So, if you’re home throughout the day, make sure to take frequent breaks to play with your kitty. Otherwise, you risk them getting all their quality sleep during the day and keeping you up at night

If you aren’t at home during the day, don’t worry. You can hire a trustworthy cat sitter to pop in and provide at-home day care while you’re away. This will prevent your cat from getting lonely and also help them burn off energy during the day. However, don’t underestimate how important quality time is with your kitty. Even if you do hire a cat sitter, still take time daily to play with your cat. Aim for a play session before you leave for work, and another when you get back.  

Cute cat evening routines

Most felines seem to have an internal clock that alerts them to exactly when you’re supposed to feed them. Evening is a good time to feed your cat their second meal of the day. Mr Whiskers will probably let you know right on the dot when it’s time, and act super dramatic if you’re even a few minutes late. If you keep odd hours outside the home, consider investing in an automatic feeder to ensure your kitty can stick to their evening eating routine.

Once dinner is over, your kitty will finally be ready to kick back and relax after a long day. After all, napping, birdwatching, and being super cute can be exhausting! And who better to do it with than you, their favourite human. Evening is when most paw parents can enjoy quality time with their furry friends. Maybe your kitty likes to snooze on your lap while you watch TV, or cuddle up nearby while listening to some soothing music. 

Don’t forget to include these cat care basics in your evening routine too: 

  • Clean your kitty’s litter boxes daily. 
  • Top up your fur friend’s water bowls with fresh water. 
  • Aim to spend a little quality time playing with your cat before dinner. This will awaken their hunting instincts and help them get a little exercise pre-food. 
  • Set aside time in the evenings to groom your cat—especially if you have a long-haired kitty. This can be a bonding and relaxing experience for both of you. 

What’s the best cat bedtime ritual? 

If your feline is anything like mine, they’ll probably let you know when it’s time to head to bed. Many kitties will follow their paw parents around the house as they prepare to wind down for the night. Observing their owners while they brush their teeth and do their nightly skincare routine is serious business, and Mr Whiskers isn’t slacking! 

Of course, your fur friend will need to do their own night-time selfcare too. They’ll probably groom themselves before settling into bed with you. You may consider adding a final play session to the day before going to sleep. This will help tire your kitty out so that they’re not up and about as much. However, don’t expect Mr Whiskers to sleep all night like you. Your cat will probably be active at different points in the night. And you’ll see evidence of this the next morning when you find their toys spread throughout the house! 

Are you curious about some of your kitty’s strange habits? You might enjoy our blog posts answering 7 top questions about cat behaviour and things your kitty hates and how to avoid them. 

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