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Calicos, Bengals, and Siamese, Oh My! 8 Most Popular Cat Breeds

3 Mar 2022.

25% of the UK population owns a cat (or rather, a cat owns them) which makes for roughly 11 million pet fur friends! With so many kitties running around, it’s clear we’re a nation of cat lovers. Are you considering adopting a cat, or would simply like to know more about local felines? Read on for Cat in a Flat’s list of the most popular cat breeds in the UK! 

British Shorthair: UK’s number one cat breed

British shorthair
The British Shorthair is the most popular cat breed in the UK

What better way to kick off our list of most popular cat breeds in the UK than with a ‘British’ feline! Not only is the British Shorthair the oldest recorded cat breed in England, it’s also one of the most ancient breeds in the world. This type of cat dates back to the first century AD. The Romans originally imported British Shorthairs to England to serve as working cats. These fur friends of yore were in charge of keeping Roman camps pest-free. 

These days, the British Shorthair continues to be one the most popular cat breeds in the UK. Their thick, plush coat, affectionate nature, and round, adorable faces endear them to everyone. However, if you’re thinking about bringing a British Shorthair into your life, make note that this breed of cat requires a strict feeding schedule to stay healthy. Their docile personality means they are less active and tend to put on weight easily. 

Tabby: Who is the most adopted type of cat?

tabby cat
Tabbies are distinguished by the ‘M’ on their foreheads

Tabby isn’t actually a breed but rather a type of cat with particular markings. It’s incredibly common for people to say their favourite type of fur friends are tabbies; they are in fact so popular that orange tabbies are among the most adopted kitties in the UK. 

While most tabbies share the classic ‘M’ mark on their foreheads, the beautiful markings on their bodies can change from kitty to kitty. Tabbies can also vary in colour from greys to oranges too. Is it any wonder this unique cat breed is so popular in the UK? 

Bengal: The small domestic leopard cat

Bengal cats have spotted leopard-like coats

Although Bengals have only been in the UK a few decades, they’ve quickly become one of the most popular cat breeds. Bengals have eye-catching spotted coats that make them look like smaller versions of their bigger cat cousins, the leopards! This exotic look is one of the reasons Bengals are such a popular cat breed in the UK. 

The playful and dog-like nature of this type of cat makes them the ideal family pet. However, they do tend to be more active than other breeds. This means Bengal cats need plenty of play to help burn off all that energy. 

Siamese: UK’s most sophisticated cat breed

siamese cat
Siamese are a very social cat breed

The distinctive fur colouring and dazzling blue eyes of the Siamese makes it one of the most recognizable, and popular, cat breeds in the UK. Siamese cats have a light body and dark ears, feet, tails, and faces. These types of cats are very friendly and chatty—you can trust a Siamese kitty to always enjoy socialising. 

This cat breed does not like it when their owners leave them alone for long periods of time. Hence, avoid Siamese cats if you work outside the home or travel a lot. If you’re really keen on this particular cat breed, consider getting two kittens instead of one. Your cats are more likely to make friends if they grow up together. They can also keep each other company while you’re away from home.

Note: When booking a cat sitter, it may be necessary to book two daily visits instead of one. This way you’re sure your Siamese felines get plenty of socialising in your absence. 

Ragdoll: The calmest cat

The Ragdoll gets their name from the way they go limp when held. Their calm and laid-back nature makes this cat breed very popular in homes across the UK. While Ragdolls do look a bit like their cousins the Siamese, one distinct difference is their much longer fur. This cat breed tends to grow very attached to their humans and will follow them everywhere—that includes the bathroom

One thing to keep in mind when considering this cat breed is their predisposition to heart failure at a young age. While you should never wait for any cat to get sick or injured before taking them to the vet, this is one breed in particular that can benefit from bi-annual health checks. 

Maine Coon: Who is the biggest cat breed in the world?

mainecoon cat
Main Coons are the largest domestic cat breed in the world

The Maine Coon is the largest breed of domesticated cat. These types of fur friends can grow to be 10-16 inches tall and an impressive 40 inches long! In fact, the record for largest cat in the world is held by a Maine Coon named Stewie who measures nearly 49 inches in length. 

Don’t let the bulk of this cat breed fool you. Maine Coons are quite loving in nature and comical due to their inability to realise how large they are. However, their shaggy coats do make them a bit more high maintenance. A Maine Coon cat will require essential daily cat care to stay happy and healthy. 

Calico: A mix of Tabby, Burmese, and more!

calico cat
Calico cats are believed to be lucky

Like tabbies, calicos aren’t a breed but a type of cat. You can identify calicos by their unique tri-coloured coats. One interesting cat fact about them is that most calicos are female—making male calicos incredibly hard to come by. 

Many cultures around the world believe calico cats—especially those with white, black, and orange markings—to be auspicious. Even in the UK, this popular cat breed is viewed as a lucky charm due its rarity. Most calicos are headstrong and feisty creatures. However, as calicos can be found in a variety of breeds, this nature can vary from kitty to kitty. 

Persian: The independent cat breed

Persian cats are more independent than other breeds

The Persian is another one of the most popular cat breeds in the UK. Their short legs, square bodies, and stocky tails make them appear smaller than other breeds. But what Persian cats lack in size they more than make up for in big personalities! 

Persian cats are perfect for apartment living as they are relaxed and don’t need a huge space to run around in. Although Persians are always happy to cuddle, they also don’t mind being left alone. This makes them the perfect cat breed for anyone who works outside the home. 

Do you love all cat breeds?

Still can’t decide which cat breed works best for your personality and lifestyle? It’s important to take your time when selecting the purrfect furry companion, and the Cat in a Flat blog can help! Check out our blog to learn about the pros of adopting a cat and tips on how to prepare your home for a new kitten

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